Stand Up For Our Families


This website is dedicated to Joann and Mark Williams, two people who always went out of their way to improve the life of others. On Saturday April 7th, Timothy Ackley, a repeat offender drunk driver, swerved his chevy pickup truck into their lane and murdered both Joann and her husband Mark who were riding their motorcycle home from a baptism at Madison lake by Bikers For Christ. Ackley has recently been released from a five year sentence and resorted right back to driving drunk once again. The prosecution has charged him with two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. A charge that carries a one to five year sentence each. Would two years replace your family? Please help us raise awareness, this was not homicide, this was murder. Ackley knowingly climbed behind the wheel of his pickup truck, beyond the legal blood alcohol limit and used his out of control truck as a murder weapon to murder this couple.  Joanns family relied on her to pull them through tough times. She was a giver, she dedicated her life at Maryhaven helping people overcome addiction and fix their lives. They were both actively involved in church and were always there for you. They would give the shirt off their backs to complete strangers. Their daughter is now left mother-less, their grandchildren never to have the joy of spending summers with their grandparents. Please don't let this man walk away with two years. Help us raise awareness. Murder is murder, when he turned the ignition in that truck he may as well have loaded a gun. Ackley took more than just two lives that day, he has forever destroyed an entire family, an entire community, all I ask is that you help us make him face what he has done.

Under the California Watson murder statute a drunk driver can be held liable for murder charges if and only if these three guidelines are met.

The prosecutor must prove the following three facts (otherwise known as "elements of the crime")8:

the death resulted from an intentional act,

(Timothy Ackley was a repeat offender and had been in and out of trouble since his first dui at only 18 back in 1998. He was required to go to alcohol assessment, therefore he had prior knowledge of the consequences of drinking and driving.)

the natural consequences of that act are dangerous to human life, and

(In people vs Gonzales the court deemed it acceptable to use statistical data to prove the validity that consequences are indeed dangerous to human life. In recent MADD studies they have proved that every minute one person is injured due to drunk driving. Every fifty minutes another person dies from a drunk driving related accident. This more than proves the dangerous consequences involved with drunk driving.)

you knowingly acted with conscious disregard for that fact.

(As previously stated Ackley was a repeat offender for drinking and driving. He knew the second he climbed into his truck intoxicated that there was a chance he could be involved in a drunk driving accident, I correct myself, a drunk driving murder. That is exactly what this was, murder. Even as police arrived Ackley had blatant disregard for the lives he had just stolen.)

It should be noted that there is no "intent" to actively kill another person in second-degree murder, which is what distinguishes DUI homicide from first-degree murder.

Although it may seem like the facts listed above wouldn't be that difficult for the prosecution to prove, it's the third one that makes DUI second-degree murder a difficult case to prosecute.

I am asking each of you to share this. Get the word out, ask for stricter punishments for these acts of selfish murder. If we reach enough people, if we reach those on the jury and their family members maybe we can make a difference. And if you don't share, and Ackley walks away a free man in two years you should remember this man just served five years before killing these two people. He has offenses all over Ohio. It will only be a matter of time before he takes another life. Protect yourself, protect your family. Stand up for whats right.